Value Added Provider of AI & IT Applications

Artificial Intelligence – Online Charging System (AI-OCS)
  • Our AI-OCS offers a real time artificial intelligent component that is based on machine learning algorithms applied to a big data set.
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities open the door to new revenue streams as the embedded AI algorithms can combine historic patterns and behavior (plus “look alike” patterns) with ongoing real-time engagement to provide the correct next best action to the subscriber at the right time and in the right context of their interaction with the communication service provider (CSP).
  • The outcome for the subscriber will be recommendations and offers that are personalized, well targeted, and relevant. The result for the CSP will be an increase in revenues and ARPU and a decrease in chum.


IT solution and services designed to facilitate the use of technology for our customers
    • Assessment, consulting, design
    • Implementation, deployment
    • Monitoring and maintenance