Telecommunications Engineering Services

Infrastructure Service

Outside Plant

  • Our services include fiber optic pulling, splicing, testing and commissioning. We also provide infrastructure civil works such as open trenching, HDD and micro trenching.


  • Besides implementation works, our experienced teams are capable to provide fiber network troubleshooting, service breakdown rectification as well as preventive maintenance of fiber infrastructure network.
Inside Plant
  • Building access and telecommunication room preparation.


  • We provide all internal cabling in the riser, cable termination and equipment installation in the telecommunications facility.


  • Installation and commissioning of AC and DC power system together with the air conditioning system.
  • We provide last mile FTTH design services for landed and high-rise property.


  • The services include the design of fiber optic to the premise and GPON network.


  • We also do commissioning and testing of the last mile GPON connectivity and customer activation.
Mobile Network
  • We provide site survey services to determine the suitability of the location for mobile equipment installation.


  • Our teams are trained to provide installation services for mobile network equipment at various structure types i.e. tower and building.


  • We are fully equipped with fleet and test equipment to provide drive testing to check and maintain the quality of mobile network services.
Telecommunication Tower
  • We have vast knowledge and experience in construction for the telecommunication industry.


  • Our construction expertise covers tower construction such as new telecommunication towers, reinforcing existing towers and performing maintenance of existing structures.